Copenhagen Image Processing System (CHIPS)

Chips, the Copenhagen Image Processing System, is a general-purpose software package for remote sensing image processing and spatial data analysis with extensive support for NOAA AVHRR data.

Chips can be used both as a stand-alone system, as well as a powerful supplemental image-processing tool for GIS products like MapInfo™ and ArcView™.

General purpose image processing with Chips for Windows®
Multiple RGB/pseudocolor image views with both vector and raster overlays (ESRI shapes)
Vector editing and digitizing
Image rectification
Image classification
Image statistics and visualization of statistics
Image arithmetics, filtering, profiles, semivariograms, principal components, scattergram and interpolation
3D image visualization
Built-in scripting language

NOAA AVHRR processing with Chips for Windows®

Imports and auto-detect multiple HRPT formats, including NOAA 1B, ESA Sharp, Dartcom, Quorum, BURS Block, Data Tools, ASDA, Dundee and Timestep.
Calibration and correction using NOAA NESDIS guidelines supported for all AVHRR platforms from TIROS-N to NOAA-16
Automatic rectification using embedded orbit parameters, TLE or TBUS files
Interactive navigation for improved accuracy
Line quality analysis handles missing or noisy lines
Creation of Sun and Satellite geometry images
Creation of vegetation indices and surface temperature maps through user-defined algorithms
Bushfire detection  

At this moment, Chips is no longer supported,and can be downloaded free of charge at this site. And the manual could be found here.


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